Health services for everyone

We never stop looking for ways to be a more welcoming and inclusive health service.

LGBTIQA+ communities

We want you to feel understood and respected while you are at LRH but we need your help to ensure we have the right processes in place to support you.

We’re keen to hear about your experiences of accessing health services.

Consider sharing your insight, feedback or ideas with LRH’s Rainbow eQuality Group. This team of LGBTIQA+ staff and allies is committed to ensuring our health service responds to your needs.

You can contact the group through our Consumer Liaison Coordinator on 5173 8000 or email and we’ll put you in touch with the group.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

Are you able to share your experience as a patient or carer so we can improve our services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people? You may like to join a committee or speak one-on-one with a staff member. Contact our Aboriginal Health Liaison Officers Gail Mounsey and Bonnie O’Shanassy if you would like to help. Phone 5173 8653 or 5173 8831 Monday to Friday from 8.30am-5pm or email

Cultural responsiveness

We appreciate people from different cultures or backgrounds may be worried about coming to hospital or getting medical help. LRH aims to provide health care that is sensitive to your culture, language and religious beliefs.

Everyone is welcome at LRH.

If you or a family member needs support during a hospital stay, please reach out to our Consumer Liaison team by email or call (03) 5173 8000.

Need help to communicate?

Patients and their families have access to an interpreter service at LRH to make informed choices and understand important information about treatment, medication, the admission process, discharge, or simply their rights and responsibilities while in our care.

The interpreter service covers many languages including Australian Sign Language or Auslan for people who are hearing impaired. There is tactile signing for people who are deaf and have vision impairment.

A hospital staff member will organise an interpreter for you. Most languages are available through the interpreter service used by the hospital. While every effort will be made to secure an interpreter at a suitable time, their services are in demand and are subject to availability.

How did we do? Let us know!

We all love to share our experiences of services and businesses with family, friends and sometimes strangers. But there is value in sharing those experiences, good and bad, with the business or service in question – and it is no different for health services like ours.

We’re keen to know when we get it right and when our care or service could have been better. Your feedback will help us improve.

So tell us what you think!

Click here to fill in an online feedback form.

You can choose to have our Consumer Liaison Coordinator send you an email or give you a call.

Share a compliment – our staff love to get them! If you’ve had a great experience, let us know we’re on the right track. We’ll share your compliment with our staff.

Something not quite right? Let us know so we can learn from your experience. Here are a few tips:
Speak with someone from your treating team straight away. We encourage you to discuss your concerns directly with the person involved.

You could also speak with the treating staff member or Nurse Unit Manager who is in charge of your ward. They may be able to help resolve your concern quickly.

If you feel your issue is still unresolved, contact our Consumer Liaison Coordinator by filling in the online feedback form.