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Vaccine eligibility extended

Changes to eligibility - 16 years and over

From Wednesday, 25 August everyone aged 16 years and over is eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine

People aged 18-39 who have already booked for their first vaccine dose at a vaccination centre will be offered the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. They do not need to rebook or change their existing vaccine appointment at a vaccination centre. 

People who have already had a first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine will be offered a second dose of the same vaccine brand. 

People are encouraged to book their vaccine at a vaccination centre using the online booking system.

There are a number of state-run vaccination centres across Gippsland. You can also find a participating doctor, pharmacy or community health service through the Australian Government Eligibility Checker.

Why you should get vaccinated

By getting vaccinated, you are protecting your health and helping protect your family, friends and community.

We’re not safe until we are all safe.

Getting a COVID-19 vaccine will help protect you from getting sick from COVID-19. The vaccines are very effective at preventing serious illness and death due to COVID-19.

As more people get vaccinated, the more the community is protected. This also makes it harder for COVID-19 to spread. By limiting the spread of COVID-19, we can also reduce the risk that new variants (strains of COVID-19) could emerge.

Who can get vaccinated?

Anyone aged 16 years and over.

People aged 12-15 years old who have a medical condition or who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

What if I'm under 16?

Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation will provide further advice on the broader 12-15 year old age group in coming months. As more COVID-19 vaccine doses become available, more people will be able to get vaccinated.

Can I still get a COVID-19 vaccine if I am not an Australian citizen?

Yes. COVID-19 vaccines are free for everyone living in Australia. You do not need to have Medicare card to get your COVID-19 vaccine. If you’re not an Australian citizen you should register for an Individual Healthcare Identifier.