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Video consultation with Latrobe Regional Hospital

Latrobe Regional Hospital is committed to providing patient-centred specialist outpatient care for patients and their families.

We want to ensure you receive a holistic, integrated and accessible service with expertise from local and metropolitan doctors.

One of the ways we are achieving this is through video consultation known as 'Telehealth'. This system links patients to consultants and removes the burden of travel and time constraints.

You can find out more by watching this short animation.


How does it work?

Your GP or specialist will send an email request to the consultant you (or your child) needs to see.

They will contact the Telehealth Facilitator who will arrange a time for you to have your video conference with the consultant. The facilitator will also provide you with a consent form giving permission to bill Medicare.

A video consultation can be conducted in your home if the specialist considers it is clinically appropriate and if your home is located in a telehealth eligible area.

If you are attending the video consultation at your doctor's clinic, the Telehealth Facilitator will send a link to your doctor enabling them to access the video link-up at your appointment.

If a video consultation is suggested, you may still choose a face-to-face consultation instead.

Note: Not all appointments are appropriate for video consultation so it is best to discuss this with your doctor.

For your information: Sending out to the patient's home

For your information: Sending out to GP clinics


The benefits of Telehealth include:

  • less time spent travelling to appointments
  • less disruption to family life
  • smaller financial outlay
  • prompt communication between consultants and patients
  • improved support for regional practitioners.

Some of the disadvantages include:

  • Physical examinations, particularly by a metropolitan consultant will not be possible.
  • Technical issues may prevent a full video link-up.
  • There may be decreased quality of images or reports.

Equipment required

To access a video consultation at home you will need a laptop or desktop computer with a microphone and either a built-in webcam or external camera. You will also need internet access, a telephone and an email address. The telephone can be a mobile phone or a landline.

Tablet devices may also be used and in some cases a smart phone. Check with your Telehealth Facilitator if you are unsure.

What you need to know about your appointment

LRH Telehealth from home - Information for outpatients: Telehealth from home

LRH Telehealth with clinical support – Information for outpatients: Telehealth with clinical support

LRH Telehealth using Jabber Guest - Android devices: Android devices

LRH Telehealth using Jabber Guest - Apple iPads or iPhones: Apple iPads or iPhones

LRH Telehealth using Jabber Guest - iMac and MacBook: iMac and MacBook

LRH Telehealth using Jabber Guest - Windows PC: Windows PC


As with any consultation with a health professional, the patient's health details will remain confidential and private.


Patients who are:

  • accepting of the telehealth model of care
  • attending a 'review' appointment
  • living more than 15km by road to Latrobe Regional Hospital
  • identified as appropriate for a telehealth consultation by the treating specialist

The exception to the above is an approved care recipient of a residential aged care facility or a patient attending an Aboriginal Medical Service. In this case, the 15km minimum distance criteria does not apply.

You can view Telehealth eligible areas for Medicare billing by clicking here


The patient (or parent of a child) will be asked to sign a consent form indicating they give permission to bill Medicare for the consultation. This will be emailed to them by the facilitator and returned electronically before the consultation takes place.

Follow-up care

This can be arranged by the local consultant or GP along with any tests, investigations or scripts that may be required.

Helpful hints

  • Introductions should be performed at the start of the consultation by the local doctor, including everyone within the room and on camera.
  • Ensure adequate lighting but avoid any high intensity lighting behind you, for example, a window.
  • Make sure you are in a quiet area without any disruption, turn off your mobile phone or put into silent mode.
  • Try to stay in one place when the camera is working and avoid having movement or noise in the background, for example a television.
  • Always ensure you have any test results, investigations or other health information that may be required for the consultation.
  • It is a good idea not to wear any brightly patterned or reflective clothing that may affect the camera focus.
  • Good eye contact is important so adjust camera angles early and make sure you are sitting close to the microphone.

We value your feedback. You may be asked to complete a survey after your consultation. Please share your experience to help us continue to improve the telehealth service offered by Latrobe Regional Hospital.

Further information

Talk to your local specialist, general practitioner or metropolitan consultant about the possibility of a video consultation. If it is appropriate, an appointment will be arranged for you.

For further information telephone the Telehealth Facilitator on 5173 8111.


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