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Staff profile,

Doctors and nurses take back seat to vital non-clinical staff

The unsung heroes of health received a moment in the spotlight recently at the Latrobe Regional Health (LRH) Health Support...

Health Services,

Dialysis staff build knowledge and connections

Nurses from across Gippsland have advanced their knowledge of kidney health at a recent study day run by the Renal...

Health Services,

Playful approach to kid’s food bears fruit

We probably all went through a stage where we refused to eat some of the food our parents put in...

Gippsland Region Public Health Unit,

Gippsland health workers form vital connections on viral hepatitis

Health workers from across Gippsland came together to discuss one of the most pressing but also most misunderstood health conditions...


Kali and Leiha winning hearts and making friends

Ears were scratched, heads were stroked, and paws were offered in friendship when Kali and Leiha, Latrobe Regional Health’s (LRH) visiting therapy dogs...


LRH teaches teens how to party safely

Gippsland teens are learning about the shocking reality of the impacts of trauma related injuries in an LRH outreach program.


Art Through the Ages returns for nursery fundraiser

The ‘Art Through the Ages Show,’ returns on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 of October and features art from many...


A chance for Gippsland medicos to connect with colleagues

The Gippsland Healthcare Symposium will allow medical professionals to connect with experts

Medical research,

The link between loss of taste and head and neck radiation

LRH researchers have found many head or neck cancer patients report food or drink either tasted metallic or bland as...

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