After baby is born

You will be moved to our postnatal unit for a short stay.

How long will I stay in hospital?

You may stay at least two nights if you have a vaginal birth. If your baby is born by caesarean section, the length of stay is usually three nights.

What happens during my hospital stay?

Our midwives and maternity nurses will keep an eye on you and your baby.

You’ll be provided with advice and education about breastfeeding or formula feeding, bathing your baby and managing your transition to motherhood.

What services are available to me in hospital?

You’ll be able to access our lactation consultants for advice and support with breastfeeding. Our consultants offer appointments to women during and after their hospital stay. You may have met them at a breastfeeding class before you had your baby.

The lactation consultants work Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm. If you would like to see a consultant, ask your midwife or call (03) 5173 8211.

You will also have access to a physiotherapist, social worker and a perinatal mental health support program to help you strengthen the bond with your baby.

What happens when I leave hospital?

Once you return home with your baby, a midwife will contact you to arrange a home visit. Our midwives work alongside your maternal and child health nurse during the first few weeks you are at home.