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Renee’s amazing effort

The biggest surprise for Renee Winterton after having her hair shaved off in a fundraising effort for Latrobe Regional Health (LRH), hasn’t been the shock of cold mornings but the fact the fundraiser has topped out at just under $20,000!

‘My original target was $6,000 which we reached, so then I thought, ‘let’s aim for $12,000’, which again we went past until we reached $19,000 on the day itself. It’s been pretty amazing,” Renee said.

Renee, a former nurse, was inspired to embark on the fundraising drive after her dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2022 and began treatment at LRH.

“I think one of the things that helped people come on board the fundraiser was the unfortunate fact that most of us have either direct experience of cancer, a family member who has been affected or a close friend. It sort of feels like it’s everywhere.

“That sense that cancer touches so many people in the community as well as the standing of the service provided at LRH and the team at the Gippsland Cancer Care Centre (GCCC) certainly helped get people to commit what they could afford to the campaign,” Renee said

Renee was determined for any money she raised to be tied to a specific project within the GCCC.

“The money will be used to renovate a waiting area for patients waiting to see their oncologist,” LRH Community Engagement Officer, Lisa Twigger said.

“Currently the space is pretty plain with some basic furniture. Renee’s fundraising will help us transform it into a much more comfortable space for patients and their families.”

And how does Renee who is a school nurse in Inverloch, look back on the experience?

“I sort of can’t believe it really. Apart from the total raised, seeing so many people contribute has been pretty special. Also, just seeing how some of the students at school have responded, how the campaign has allowed them to talk about how cancer has touched their lives too. It’s been pretty humbling.”

Donations to Renee’s fundraising page can still be made here.