Visitor guidelines

Visiting hours are daily 10am-7pm.
Please be advised there may be restrictions associated with the ward you are visiting. It’s always best to phone the nurse in charge to check.


Current guidelines

No limit on the number of visitors throughout the visiting period but only two visitors at a time at the patient’s bedside.
Visitors will be responsible for screening their health before coming to LRH. Please stay home if you are not well. Masks are located at all entry points. Visitors must wear a mask.
Please note, some inpatient units may require you to undergo a RAT before entering.

Avon Unit

The Avon Unit is managing COVID-positive patients and medical patients.
If you are visiting a medical patient in Avon, please seek advice/approval from the nurse in charge.
Please ensure you wear a mask at all times and follow hand hygiene protocols.

Thomson maternity, paediatrics and special care nursery

Children under 16 are only permitted if they are a sibling of a patient.
Visitors who are a household contact of a person with COVID-19 or have symptoms of a cold, will be supplied with an N95 mask.

Macalister Nursing Home

All visitors must return a negative RAT before entering.
Residents are able to have up to 5 visitors during visiting hours. Non-vaccinated visitors can use an outdoor or garden area to visit a resident.
Palliative and compassionate visits are exempt from these guidelines.