Things we need to tell you

As a public health provider, LRH is required to disclose certain information about our activities and processes.

Gifts, benefits and hospitality

The Victorian Public Sector Commission has guidelines for public sector employees on giving and receiving gifts, benefits and hospitality.
LRH’s policy and register for gifts, benefits and hospitality are available for public viewing.

Click here for the policy

Click here for the gift register

Freedom of Information

All requests for patient information can be emailed to

The Victorian Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 1982 gives you the right to access documents about your personal affairs, including medical records and the activities of government agencies.

Requests for access to your Latrobe Regional Health record can be made in writing to:
The Freedom of Information Officer
Latrobe Regional Health
PO Box 424
Traralgon Vic 3844

or email

FOI applications must:

  • be in writing – not verbal
  • clearly describe the documents you are requesting access to
  • include the application fee or evidence that you qualify to have the application fee waived
  • be made to the agency that holds the documents you are seeking.

You can make a request yourself or you can authorise another person (for example, a solicitor) to make a request on your behalf. If you want someone to make a request on your behalf for your personal information, you must give them your written authorisation. In the case of requesting information relating to a deceased person, the consent of the person’s most senior next of kin who is of or above the age of 18 years is required. Proof of this relationship is required.


There are two costs associated with making a FOI request – an application fee and access charges. These charges are set by government regulations.

There is a standard non-refundable application fee of $31.80 (effective from July 2022). Payment can be made by electronic fund transfer (EFT) by calling 5173 8602.

An access charge is applied under the Act for processing your request. Access charges are applied according to the nature of the request and could include search fees ($22.50 per hour), photocopying (20 cents per page), providing written transcripts of a recorded document ($20 per hour).

The application fee can be waived if payment is likely to cause you hardship. If you wish to make a claim to have the fee waived you must provide evidence that you receive social security benefits eg: a current social security benefits or health benefits card.

The Freedom of Information Act 1982 stipulates all FOI requests shall be completed within 30 days of the Health Information Unit receiving a valid request form and payment. LRH provides an equitable service to all applicants, regardless of their financial resources. All FOI requests are treated in strictest confidence, as per the LRH Confidentiality Policy.

Requests requiring interpretation of, or opinion on medical records or reports will be referred to the Chief Medical Officer for separate consideration.

If your request is declined, LRH is obliged to notify you within 30 days of the date your request was received. If you are not satisfied with this decision you are entitled to contact the LRH Consumer Liaison Coordinator on (03) 5173 8530 to discuss your concerns.

Mail the completed amendment request to
The Freedom of Information Officer
Latrobe Regional Health
PO Box 424
Traralgon Vic 3844

Latrobe Regional Health shall notify the applicant of the decision within 30 days on which a valid request is received.

More information
LRH Health Information Unit (03) 5173 8844

Freedom of Information Act
Victorian Government Freedom of Information website
Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
Victorian Ombudsman

Child Safety Commitment

Latrobe Regional Hospital is committed to promoting and protecting the interests and safety of children.  We have zero tolerance for child abuse.

  • Everyone working at Latrobe Regional Hospital is responsible for the care and protection of children, and for reporting information about child abuse.
  • Our systems and processes are designed to protect children from abuse. Our organisation will take all allegations and concerns about child safety seriously and will respond to them in a consistent and timely manner in line with our policies and procedures.
  • If any person believes that a child is in immediate danger from abuse, contact the Police on 000.
Safe Patient Care Act

The following information demonstrates how many nurses in a mixed ward. A mixed ward may have different functions, for example medical, palliative care and rehabilitation or geriatric evaluation patients and aged care. The different functions require different nurse to patient ratios under the Safe Patient Care Act to support the wellbeing of both our patients and staff.

LRH has one mixed ward, Nicholson Rehabilitation.
Total occupied beds: 30

As of 10 July 2023