Cancer Patients Foundation

Why looking good can help you to feel better

Norm opens a tube of moisturiser and expertly massages the contents into his hands. He doesn’t look like the sort of bloke who dabbles with skin care but after a couple of hours, Norm seems quite proud of his achievements – and his looks.
Norm and three other men were at a recent Look Good Feel Better workshop at LRH organised by the Cancer Patients Foundation.
Each member of the group has had a recent experience with cancer and the free program teaches them how to manage their appearance and the side-effects of cancer treatment with confidence.
The program has developed skin care routines tackling issues such as sun sensitivity and dry skin and has make-up tips to help correct and conceal pigmentation, dark circles around eyes and redness on skin.
It’s hoped that better understanding¬† and addressing changes in a person’s physical appearance may help their psychological and emotional recovery.
Our group of men at LRH was introduced to a regime of skin care and some rather snappy looking hats. It also gave them an opportunity to share their cancer experience which each other.
The Look Good Feel Better workshops are just returning to healthcare settings like LRH having existed in a virtual world during the pandemic.
Program Manager for Victoria and Tasmania Faye Venning said the sessions are organised for men, women and teens undergoing treatment for any type of cancer.
More than 125,000 people have participated in the program Australia-wide.

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