Help us grow and learn

Have you got some time to share with our staff and patients?

If you are not in a position to work full-time and are looking for a way to get involved in our health service, why not consider these options:

Community Champions program
Our hospital has a fantastic volunteer program offering a range of roles, from helping people find their way around the hospital to visiting and chatting with patients. You’ll receive training and be supported by a friendly, welcoming team.

Community Advisor
Community Advisors help to improve our services and ensure we provide safe care. They have a place on various committees and are a voice for people who use our health services and the broader community.

Are you able to share your experience of using our health services, with our staff? We would welcome your insight so we can learn what worked for you and what we could improve. You may be able to speak at one of our staff education sessions or agree to share your story on video.

Contact our Aboriginal Health Unit on (03) 5173 8653 if you would like to get involved.