Emergency Department

In an emergency, please phone 000

Should I come to the ED?

What does ‘busy’ mean? Is it the number of patients being treated or waiting? The short answer is ‘both’.

The image above is a guide and gives you a rough idea of how many people may be before you in the queue if you plan to come to our ED. We’re sharing these numbers so you can make an informed choice about whether you come to our ED or not.

It’s really hard to predict how long you may have to wait. The folk in the queue may be seriously injured or really sick so even though it doesn’t look like there are too many people, the wait may still be significant.

So, if our Emergency Department looks ‘busy’ and your injury or illness is not serious, the following healthcare providers may be able to help you with advice or treatment:

Priority Primary Care Centre Latrobe

Priority Primary Care Centre, 40-42 Fowler Street, Moe.
Open 7 days from 8.00am-10pm. Phone 5127 9111. (Hours are subject to change at short notice).
The centre provides care for non-life threatening conditions.

It does not provide services you would access through your GP such as medical certificates or prescription renewals. Patients will be seen in order of priority.

For more information:



The Victorian Virtual Emergency Department

The VVED is a public health service for non-life threatening emergencies.

You can access emergency care from anywhere in Victoria, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will be connected to doctors and nurse practitioners who are trained to assist you. Interpreter services are available for patients who prefer to speak in their own language.

To register visit www.vved.org.au

For life threatening emergencies, call 000

Nurse on Call

Nurse on Call puts you in touch with a registered nurse for professional advice 24 hours a day.

The service is free. Phone 1300 60 60 24

Chemist Warehouse Supercare Pharmacy Traralgon

Nursing service available daily from 6pm-10pm.

Located at Franklin Street, Traralgon. Phone 5174 2003

Doctors on Demand

An Australian telehealth platform that provides access to doctors on line 24 hours a day.

Appointment fees: $60 (8am-6pm), $90 (6pm-8am), $90 (Sundays and public holidays)


My Emergency Doctor

For unexpected symptoms or non-life threatening illness or injury including abdominal pain, fever, allergic reactions, sports injuries, rashes, fainting, back pain, urinary tract infections.

No appointment required. The service is 24 hours either over the phone (1800 123 633) or video call www.myemergencydr.com/patients

Fees: $250 (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm) or $280 (after hours, including weekends and public holidays).
The service is free in far East Gippsland townships by calling 1800 577 401.

National Telemedicine Doctors

Consult a doctor or GP Mon-Fri 9am-9pm and Sat-Sun (9am-1pm)

Telehealth GP appointment 10 minutes $40.50 (if not bulk billed)

Long consult 25 minutes $97.85 (if not bulk billed)


Phone (02) 8834 7760


National Telemedicine Doctors

50 minutes $168 (if not bulk billed)


Phone (02) 8834 7760

Kids Doc On Call

Paediatric doctors online www.kidsdoconcall.com.au

Specialising in non-life threatening injuries and illnesses

There is an annual or monthly subscription fee for the service.

Day time and night time consultation fees are different depending on whether you are a subscriber. Medicare rebates are available at certain times.

Cub Care

Urgent paediatric consults www.cubcare.com.au

Open daily in Victoria from 5pm-11pm.

Fees are $179 weekday evenings and $219 weekends/public holidays.

Cub Care charges by the evening rather than per appointment so you can consult with an emergency paediatrician as many times as you need.

What we do

The Emergency Department (ED) at Latrobe Regional Health provides high level resuscitation and gives patients access to diagnostic services. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The ED also features a ‘fast track’ area to treat people with minor and low risk conditions.

The Tambo Unit supports emergency patients who need a longer stay but not admission to a medical unit.

What will happen

Our ED sees about 40,000 people a year and for many, it’s their first experience of LRH.

When you arrive at the ED you will be seen by a nurse who will carry out a clinical assessment of your condition to determine whether you should be treated immediately or after more urgent cases. This process is called triage and you will be given a category from 1 to 5. Category 1 cases are the most urgent and are treated immediately.

Reception staff will take your details, fill out the necessary forms and then ask you to take a seat.

If you are assessed by the triage nurse as needing immediate treatment you will be taken into a cubicle where a nurse and doctor will undertake a comprehensive assessment of your condition. This may require tests to help the medical team plan your treatment.

Your blood tests will be analysed by pathology located at the hospital.

You may need an x-ray. If your condition is very serious, the radiographers are able to bring a mobile x-ray machine to your bedside.

Following an assessment of your tests and general medical condition, you may either be treated, sent home with information and asked to contact your GP or if your condition requires further treatment, you may be admitted to hospital.

If you need to be admitted, your condition and required treatment will be assessed and other care teams will be called into action. For example if you need to have immediate surgery, your doctor in the ED will contact the on-call surgical team at the hospital.

Often parents or guardians may come into the ED with their sick or injured children. A hospital can be a very unfamiliar and uncomfortable place for children. Our Community Champions (volunteers) are often found in the waiting area or treatment bays supporting patients and their families.

Other options for treatment

Our Emergency Department is usually very busy and you may experience long waiting times. Please consider alternatives such as a GP or pharmacist for clinical advice and care.

You can find a GP and book appointments over the phone or online (including after hours) by going to:
health direct 1800 022 222 or www.healthdirect.gov.au/after-hours-gp-helpline
health engine healthengine.com.au/appointments/after-hours/gp/Australia/NextAvailable

Please note the information, phone numbers, links and pricing listed for services on this page is subject to change. Please check the websites carefully or call the services direct for information.