Mental Health Graduate Nurse Program

We're on the scout for positive individuals looking for a friendly environment to learn.

What is the Mental Health Graduate Nurse Program?

Our Mental Health Graduate Nurse Program has been developed to provide a supportive environment to assist newly registered nurses to consolidate and develop their knowledge and skills.

The emphasis is on working with you to develop your practice as a beginning level mental health nurse. We are committed to supporting our new staff so they can develop therapeutic skills in nursing.

By developing therapeutic skills our graduates may take on roles as senior nurses, case managers and clinical leaders in the future.

What does the program involve?

There are a few options within the program.

Acute Inpatient Mental Health and Community Mental Health
We take 10-15 applicants who are newly registered Graduate nurses in either acute adult inpatient mental health or acute aged inpatient mental health for the first 6 months. In the second 6 months of the rotation, we offer community mental health at Latrobe Valley Community Mental Health Service (Traralgon), Warragul Community Mental Health Service, Secure Extended Care Unit (SECU) or Community Residential Care Units (CRCU)

Mental Health & General Collaborative Program
We take 4-6 applicants who are newly registered Graduate Nurses into our inpatient mental health unit (either adult or aged) for a 6-month rotation. The other 6 months requires a rotation through one of our acute inpatient units.

Enrolled Nurse Mental Health Graduate Program
We take 8-9 Enrolled Nurses into this program. Students should apply directly through the LRH eRecruit site for these positions when they are advertised. This program may offer rotations through inpatient or community at any of our community sites including Latrobe (Traralgon), Warragul, Wonthaggi, Sale and Bairnsdale.

Transition to Mental Health Nursing
Our Graduate Nurse Program also offers positions for nurses who have a minimum of 12 months experience in a general nursing setting and want to transition across to Mental Health.

These graduate positions are advertised on the LRH eRecruit site

Who are we looking for?

We are seeking applicants who want to grow as Mental Health Nurses and are seeking long-term career prospects. We also want positive individuals who can contribute to the friendly atmosphere at LRH.

If you think you meet these criteria then place LRH number one in your computer match or check the website for the other available positions and apply directly.

What LRH offers

We offer a part time program which allows work-life balance.

The program icludes theoretical and practice components. All of our Mental Health Graduate programs are 12-month programs employed at 0.8EFT (64 hours a fortnight unless otherwise negotiated prior to employment) Our program is a fully accredited graduate year that will focus on your skill development and allow you to progress to a post graduate degree in mental health. We offer a January intake and a mid-year July intake.

What you'll learn

Our program provides an overview of the major theoretical areas of specialty and includes an extensive orientation period as well as 6 paid study days throughout the year.

After completing your graduate year

Successful completion of the LRH Mental Health Graduate Nurse Program will provide you with credit towards a postgraduate Diploma/Masters in Mental Health Nursing at Federation University.

We do not expect you to take on post graduate studies in your graduate year. We see this year as an opportunity to embrace your career choice and consolidate your skills as a newly registered nurse.

As our program is accredited, we can offer you recognition of prior learning at the successful completion of the course and we encourage and support our nurses to continue their studies beyond the graduate program.

Here at LRH we also offer a Job Match system at the end of your 12-month program. This system allows us to help you as a new nurse to retain a position working in an area you are passionate about.

Recruitment process

Our recruitment process matches the PMCV Allocation and Placement Service timeline and eligibility criteria.

How to apply
To apply for a position in Latrobe Regional Health Mental Health Graduate Nurse Program follow these steps:

1. Register for Computer Match
LRH participates in the Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV) Allocation and Placement Service (APS) process. To apply for a position, you must participate in the Victorian Nursing Computer Match.

For details on how to participate, contact PMCV directly or visit the PMCV Allocation & Placement Service.

2. Read Position Description
Download and read the relevant Position Description to make sure you understand what is expected of you.

3. Apply online
Complete the general application form.

You will need to answer questions regarding placements, work status and start date preferences. Once you complete this application form, you will receive an email to confirm your application has been received.

Make sure you have the following documents ready as you need them to complete your application:

    • cover letter
    • up-to-date resume/CV (maximum of 3 pages and include referees)
    • most recent academic transcript/record (does not need to be certified)
    • details of two referees:
      • Applicants can nominate up to two clinical referees on the PMCV Allocation & Placement Service. Applicants can then enter details for each referee that you wish to complete a reference for you. Find out more in the Candidate User guide on PMCV
    • Clinical appraisals:
      • The most recent Clinical Appraisal Summary and Mental Health Clinical Appraisal Summary (does not need to be certified).


Cover letter tips
Here are some points to make your application stand out:

  • Keep your cover letter to one page (no more than three or four paragraphs).
  • Explain why you are interested in completing your Graduate year at Latrobe Regional Health.
  • What is it about Latrobe Regional Health that resonates with you personally? (values and beliefs).


Resume tips

  • Include overall objective or summary that shares a little about you.
  • Identify clearly your completed and current qualifications with dates (months and years).
  • Clearly share each job you have had – dates, title, company and list 4-6 bullet points outlining the duties you performed.
  • Identify any key achievements you have made professionally.
  • Share your volunteer and community experience/involvement.

Interview (General)
If your application is successful, you will be required to take part in an interview using an online video platform.

Successful applicants will be notified via the PMCV Allocation & Placement Service.

You may also be invited to attend an individual interview in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere if your application meets our initial selection requirements. You will be notified if you are required for an interview via email.

The results of the Computer Match will be provided to hospitals and candidates by PMCV in October on the PMCV website.

If you have been successfully matched with Latrobe Regional Health you will receive a welcome email and package within two weeks.

Applying privately
Candidates who are applying privately (i.e: candidates who are ineligible to apply through Nurse Computer Match) may still apply online to Latrobe Regional Health. Please note graduates who are eligible for Computer Match must apply through both PMCV and LRH’s eRecruit platform. If this is not done, the application cannot be accepted and will not proceed any further. Those who cannot apply for Computer Match (certain visa holders, Registered Nurses who have graduated longer than a year ago, etc) can still apply, but will be considered only during second round offers once PMCV offers have been allocated.

Information session
We will be hosting a 2024 information session closer to the PMCV date. The link to the TryBooking will be located here.

Contact us
If you have any further questions, please contact Elainor McAllister.

Email: or phone (03) 5173 8536