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Visiting hours


Service changes



From Tuesday 10 August 2021

New visitor guidelines 

No visitors are allowed at LRH except under the following circumstances

  • As a parent, guardian or carer of a child who is a patient in hospital (2 parents/guardians. Overnight stay restricted to 1 parent/guardian)
  • To provide care and support for the patient’s physical and emotional wellbeing (1 person. Visit to be approved by the Hospital Coordinator)
  • As a nominated person under the Mental Health Act (1 person. Visit to be approved by the Hospital Coordinator)
  • To provide interpreter or informal language support (1 person. Visit to be approved by the Hospital Coordinator)
  • For learning to support the resident’s care upon discharge (2 people. Visit to be approved by the Hospital Coordinator)
  • As a carer of a patient with a disability (1 person. Visit to be approved by the Hospital Coordinator)
  • Accompanying someone to the emergency department or outpatient clinic (1 person during their emergency department stay)
  • As a partner of a pregnant woman or patient in a maternity ward (1 partner or support person for an unlimited time. No overnight stay)
  • To provide end of life support to a patient including those with a life threatening conditions (2 people at a time. No limit on number of visitors per day. No time limit) 
  • Non-essential contractors are restricted from entry

Palliative care: Under special circumstances LRH Executive approval may be given on compassionate grounds to a palliative care patient.

Please check you have not been at a COVID-19 public exposure site before entering LRH

If you have any of the following symptoms:

  • fever
  • chills or sweats
  • cough
  • sore throat
  • shortness of breath
  • runny nose
  • loss or change in sense of smell or taste

please get tested for coronavirus.

If you become very unwell with COVID-19 symptoms outside of clinic hours, please contact the LRH Emergency Department for initial screening and advice. You may be required to attend the ED for testing and should take the necessary precautions such as wearing a mask.



Our tax time appeal for mums-to-be

Help us bring the next generation of Gippslanders into the world safely. Support our appeal to purchase a new ultrasound machine.

The latest ultrasound equipment will provide our obstetricians and midwives with superior imaging quality of an unborn baby to monitor their growth and health. If we can pick up on changes in a baby's development, we may be in a better position to prevent complications during birth.

Click on the Make A Donation link or contact LRH Fundraising on 5173 8577. 

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