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Doctors and nurses take back seat to vital non-clinical staff

The unsung heroes of health received a moment in the spotlight recently at the Latrobe Regional Health (LRH) Health Support Services Recognition Day.

“We wanted to highlight the work that the staff in admin, security, catering, IT, our cleaners, the instrument technicians and porters all do to keep the place running and get the best outcomes for patients,” LRH Chief Executive Don McRae.

Over a month, staff were encouraged to nominate colleagues from the non-clinical side of the service who might have excelled or gone the extra yard in their work.

The culmination of the process was an awards event held at LRH where three staff were awarded special notations and a prize but many more staff were acknowledged for their contribution to the hospital.

“Our winners were Mandy Quinn from our security team, Kerry Rutter, a ward clerk and Sue Little from our admin team, so right across the hospital,” Louise said.

“There are around 700 non-clinical staff at LRH and it was lovely to see some of the comments that went with the nominations,” LRH Non-clinical Training Officer Louise Hughes said.

“For instance, one nomination for Kerry noted that ‘she goes above and beyond for her work colleagues daily. Is exceptionally knowledgeable and always finds ways for the ward to run efficiently. Always very prompt and helpful.”

“A nomination for Mandy said, ‘she always goes above and beyond to help the nurses and the rest of the department. She is very prompt when we call her to pick up a patient. She is friendly and always has a smile on her face (under the mask) reassuring anxious patients for us before they even get to the department.”

“And Sue’s nominations included the note that ‘she is an excellent team member who not only provides fantastic clerical services she also looks after the well-being of the office,’ Louise said.

As part of the celebration of the non-clinical staff, special cookies were baked and shared across the hospital.

“It was lovely to see the response of some of the staff when we were walking around the hospital and giving them the cookies. They were quite shocked and very pleased,’ Louise said.

“The hospital couldn’t run without these people so we’re delighted to just pause for a moment and both acknowledge the work they do and say a thank you for their efforts over the year,” LRH Chief Executive, Don McRae said.