Gumboot-a-thon makes big strides for LRH

We’ve had the Women’s World Cup and the AFL finals have just begun, but real sports fans know the action will be around the Cowwarr Primary School next week as the students take on their biggest challenge: The Annual Cowwarr Primary School Gumboot-a-thon!

“Every year we aim to have our students connect to their community and think of others in some way. The Gumboot-a-thon reminds them that no matter our size or position, we can do good things and help others in our community,” acting principal at Cowwarr Primary School Chanae Johns said.

This year, the students will raise money for Latrobe Regional Health (LRH) and its Better Care Appeal which is raising funds to purchase a portable high-definition imaging machine.
The students are seeking sponsors as they prepare to walk laps of the school block wearing their gumboots.

“This event was started four years ago by our previous school leader,” Chanae said. “The idea of gumboots was to wear shoes that people don’t wear every day. It’s not easy to walk in gumboots, so if we can do something a little bit difficult to show our support for those people who are doing things tough, we can and we will.”

This year’s event may be extra challenging for Chanae. If the children raise more than $4000, she has agreed to have her hair shaved off!

“This may be one of the silliest things I’ve done, but the kids put in such a tremendous effort with this event, and I am happy to show my support, plus they seem to be very excited by the idea of me having no hair. It’s a fun way of getting the kids on board,” Chanae said.

Even if the $4,000 target isn’t reached, Chanae will be making a trip to the hairdresser.

“If the students raise $1,000, I’ve agreed to dye my hair one colour. If they raise $2,000, I’ll dye it two colours and if they raise more than $3,000 but less than four, I’ll be finding three colours. I think I’d prefer to shave it off than have three colours up there, but we’ll see what the kids can do,” Chanae said.

This year’s Gumboot-a-thon is being welcomed by LRH.

“Seeing community events like this is a real thrill and one of the highlights of my job,” LRH Community Engagement Officer Lisa Twigger said.

“It’s wonderful to see these children put some time and lots of energy into raising money for others in the community. They did a great job last year raising funds for Uniting Care, but we’re delighted they’ve chosen to support LRH and the work of our breast cancer surgeons this year.”

This year’s Cowwarr PS Gumboot-a-thon will be held on Friday 8 September.
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