Gippsland Region Public Health Unit,

Helping us to stay Healthy for Winter

Gippslanders are being encouraged to keep healthy this winter by eating well, staying active and getting vaccinated as the days get colder and darker.

These actions are a part of the latest ‘Healthy for Winter’ social media campaign led by the Gippsland Region Public Health Unit.

GRPHU team members have jumped aboard the campaign by sharing their favourite winter recipes or how they like to keep active over winter.

We can also learn some helpful tips about warding off the winter sniffles.

GRPHU director Annelies Titulaer said these three actions could help boost our mental and physical health.

“We identified eating well, staying active, and keeping up-to-date with flu and other vaccines as the top three actions most people can do this winter to stay healthy,” Ms Titulaer said.

“Our GRPHU staff have some great recipes for hearty winter meals that use simple ingredients and make use of seasonal veggies.

“It can be hard to be motivated to get moving in winter when it’s tempting to stay inside, but even going for a short walk or doing some quick stretches can boost your spirits and warm you up.”

Ms Titulaer said getting our flu vaccines and COVID boosters were also important to help protect ourselves and our loved ones from the spread of infections.

She said people should remember to stay at home if they feel sick, wash their hands and wear a mask in crowded areas.

“Have a chat with your GP about vaccinations for other respiratory diseases such as pertussis, or whooping cough, and RSV,” she said.

“You might be eligible for a free flu shot, and you can have this at the same time as your COVID booster.”

The GRPHU is led by Latrobe Regional Health to manage and respond to public health issues in Gippsland.

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You can also go to the LRH website to find news and information from the GRPHU.

Healthy for Winter was developed in consultation with local Aboriginal community-controlled health organisations and from a GRPHU community participation and engagement survey.