Before baby is born

You're going to be a mum! Where do you start your journey?

Getting started

See your GP as soon as possible. Once you have confirmed your pregnancy, have your GP refer you to an obstetrician at LRH ideally before 12 weeks.

It’s really important we see you early to identify any risks and ensure we put the best measures in place to support you and your baby.

If you haven’t heard from a midwife within two weeks of your GP making the referral, please call us on 5173 8809.

Your first appointment

This is a very important appointment and will take about one hour. A detailed history is taken so we can plan the safest and best possible care for you and your growing baby.

This involves organising a schedule of care depending on your specific needs and may include a combination of appointments with midwives, specialist obstetricians, dietitians, physiotherapists, social workers and perinatal mental health nurses.

You've begun antenatal care!

Antenatal care is a term that means the services and care you will receive while you are pregnant. This may include planned visits with a midwife or obstetrician to assess the wellbeing of you and your baby. All of our antenatal services are offered from the Gippsland Private Consulting Suites at LRH.

There is a Midwives Clinic and Pregnancy Day Assessment Unit for women who are booked in to have their baby at LRH. Our experienced team is also available to discuss any concerns you may have during your pregnancy by phoning 5173 8809.

Childbirth education

Your childbirth and breastfeeding classes can be booked when you have your first appointment with a midwife. You will be provided with an information pack.