Womens & Children's Services

Supporting women's health and the care of our youngest community members

Thomson Women's, Children's
and Birthing Unit

LRH is delighted to offer services for women, children and babies from this specialised unit. In 2024, the service will be delivered from a new, contemporary setting in our Stage 3A expansion.

It’s a privilege to help you bring a child into the world or care for your little one. Equally we offer gynaecological services to women with great care and sensitivity.

You can contact the Thomson Unit by calling (03) 5173 8211.

Before baby is born

You’ve found out you’re going to have a baby. Where do you start your journey?

Giving birth

You’re not alone. More than 800 women give birth at our hospital each year.

After baby is born

You and your baby will be moved to our postnatal unit for a short stay.

First Nations families

Wunman Njinde! We have cultural care for you and your baby.

Your pregnancy

The Better Health Channel provides a guide to your baby’s development.

Special Care Nursery

Specialised care to give  your baby the best possible start to life.

Becoming a parent can be challenging and at times, overwhelming. The Agnes Unit is a space for parents and infants under 12 months of age to get to know each other and strengthen their bond.

Children's Services

We provide inpatient paediatric services for children up to the age of 16. This includes general medical, surgical, ear, nose and throat, orthopaedic and some oncology services.

We offer a sleeper bed and breakfast for parents so they can stay with their child.

Please let us know if your child has any allergies when they are admitted.

Outpatient Services

Outpatient services are available through the Gippsland Private Consulting Suites based at LRH. Your child will need a referral to one of our friendly paediatricians.

Allied health programs for children

The Gippsland Paediatric Allergy Clinic provides local families with specialist care, closer to home and with reduced wait times.

The clinic is based at the Gippsland Private Consulting Suites at LRH with support from the Royal Children’s and Monash Children’s hospitals.

The clinic is seeing patients with:

  • new onset or previously diagnosed food allery (IgE and non IgE)
  • allergic proctocolitis
  • allergic rhinitis
  • asthma and allergic rhinitis combined
  • recurrent idiopathic urticaria

Contact Gippsland Private Consulting Suites (03) 5173 8111

Victorian Paediatric Rehabilitation Service

The Victorian Paediatric Rehabilitation Service (VPRS) is a statewide program providing intensive rehabilitation and assessments to children challenged by functional and mobility issues.

Health professionals such as speech pathologist and occupational therapists combine to support children to achieve their maximum potential through clinics and programs at LRH.

Women's Services

We understand some women find it difficult to seek advice and treatment for their condition. We have a caring team of obstetricians and gynaecologists to ensure you have a positive experience at LRH.

Gynaecological Services
  • endometriosis
  • urinary-gynaecological investigations and treatment
  • investigations into pelvic pain
  • pre-conceptual counselling
  • contraception
  • IVF referral

Information for GPs

LRH’s requirements for referrals and a list of our obstetricians.

New facilities in 2024

A bigger, modern women’s and children’s unit is coming soon.


Recommended reading to help you along the way.