Community Advisory Committee

Meet the community members representing your interests when it comes to improving our services.

The CAC is made up of people from the community who raise issues that are of concern to LRH patients, families and carers.
The appointment of community members is on the basis of their capacity to represent a broad range of views and interests.
CAC members help the LRH Board of Directors, Executive, health professionals and other staff stay in touch with what is important to the people who use LRH services.

LRH’s CAC has 10 community members. There are at least three LRH Board Directors who report information and advice from the CAC back to the board. One of these Board Directors is the CAC chair. A community member is elected to co-chair meetings.
CAC meetings are attended by LRH’s Chief Executive or a delegate of the Executive. Other key personnel are the General Manager Governance and Community Engagement team who support CAC members to carry out their role.

If you have an issue you would like the CAC to discuss contact the LRH Governance Unit by email

Learn how to join the CAC or other committees at LRH by contacting Community Participation Officer Sharon Clements on 5173 8145 or email

Your 2023 LRH Community Advisory Committee is: