Community Champions

Join our team of community members who support our patients, visitors and staff.

Our hospital boasts a fantastic volunteer program, the Community Champions.

Our Community Champions do their best to support and brighten the day of our patients and visitors. We’re privileged to benefit from their years of knowledge, enthusiasm, empathy and generosity.

Our Champions may help visitors and patients find their way around our hospital,  visit patients on wards and even drive eligible patients to appointments at the hospital.

Roles include concierge, patient transport, emergency department, chemotherapy, dialysis and allied heath and patient support across LRH including medical, surgical and children’s wards.

A typical Champion role involves at least one shift per week or fortnight of approximately four hours. From day one you will feel part of the LRH team as you are supported by our Engagement team, staff and your fellow Champions.

To be eligible to become a Community Champion you need to:

  • genuinely want to help improve the experience of our patients and their loved ones
  • be keen to support people from diverse backgrounds and older people
  • be well presented
  • be kind, caring, enthusiastic, and willing
  • aged 18+ years
  • commit to a regular four hour shift each week or fortnight
  • complete an interview, police check and obtain a Working with Children check
  • provide proof of immunisation
  • attend volunteer orientation, induction and training
  • comply with yearly mandatory training and relevant policies and procedures, including the LRH Code of Conduct

Our Community Champions program has been established in accordance with relevant national standards and principles.

To enquire contact Community Participation Officer Casey Murphy on (03) 5173 8587 or email

Community Advisors

Health services are safer and offer quality care when they work in partnership with patients and the community.

We’ve got great medical, clinical and nursing teams at LRH to help you reach your healthcare goals and potential but you have a role in making sure we provide services that people really want to use.

You’re the extra set of eyes we need when evaluating our services, the innovators when it comes to planning and the voices representing diverse views and groups in the community.

Become a Community Advisor at LRH and share your unique experience as a patient, carer, consumer or community member.

There are a number of ways you can assist:

  • join a focus group or working group to design or improve a service
  • join a clinical committee to provide a community perspective on our communication and how we provide care
  • help us review incidents where patient safety may have been compromised
  • review patient information and brochures to ensure they are easily understood.

These roles may be for a short-term project or review or monthly. If you are unable to commit to a regular volunteering position, our Community Advisor roles may suit you! It’s also a good option for people in paid employment who are looking for a way to help the community in your spare time.

Find out more by contacting Community Participation Officer Sharon Clements on (03) 5173 8145 or email

Meet our Community Advisory Committee