Meet the team

Anita Raymond | Executive Director Education, Research & Governance

Jhodie Duncan | General Manager Research and Partnerships

Julie Ritter | Administration


Zoe Bates | Ethics Officer

Penny Hollands | Research Governance Officer

Clinical Trials

Michelle Pryce | Senior Clinical Trials Facilitator

Bridget Josephs | Research Fellow: Medical Oncology

Heidi Hassan | CTRSS ATP Trial Coordinator

Tahlia McDevitt | Clinical Trial Coordinator – Registered Nurse

Katie Dohnt | CTRSS ATP Clinical Trial Coordinator

Mistee Brett | Clinical Trial Coordinator

Silvia Pongracic | Clinical Trial Coordinator

Cassandra Moore | Nurse Practitioner

Aditi Jayakumar | VCCC Intern

Jung Hee Kang | VCCC Intern

Michelle Kua | Clinical Trial Pharmacist

Jake Jewel | Clinical Trial Research Nurse

Brooke Adams | Clinical Trial Research Nurse


Heidi Hassan | Bilingual Researcher

Katie Dohnt | Digital Cardiac Rehab Project

Sue Denny |  Project Implementation Officer

Elissa Dabkowski |  PhD Student Federation University