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Patients falls risk awareness in hospital in regional Victoria: A mixed methods study

PhD Project Industry Partnership: Federation University and LRH

Patient falls in hospitals continue to be a global concern due to the poor health outcomes and costs that can occur. Falls can occur in all environments, however there is an expectation that a safe and high-quality health system will keep patients safe from avoidable harm. Understanding patients’ perceptions of their falls risk will help to direct fall prevention strategies and understand patient behaviours.

PhD Publications

  • Dabkowski, E., Cooper, S., Duncan, J. R., & Missen, K. (2022). Adult inpatients’ perceptions of their fall risk: A scoping review. Healthcare, 10(6).
  • Dabkowski, E., Cooper, S. J., Duncan, J. R., & Missen, K. (2023). Exploring hospital inpatients’ awareness of their falls risk: A qualitative exploratory study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20(1).
  • Dabkowski, E., Missen, K., Duncan, J. R., & Cooper, S. J., (2023). Falls risk perception measures in hospital: A COSMIN systematic review. Journal of Patient-Reported Outcomes – Accepted and In Press
  • Dabkowski, E., Cooper, S. J., Duncan, J. R., & Missen, K. (2023). Investigating Falls Risk Awareness in Hospitals using the Self-Awareness Falls Risk Measure (SAFRM). Nursing and Health Sciences – under review


Digital Remote Cardiac Rehabilitation, Cardiac Rehabilitation at Home

Sponsor: SaferCare Victoria

Cardiac Rehabilitation has been demonstrated to improve quality of life, and may reduce the chances of experiencing a second cardiac event. It is strongly recommended that all patients who have a serious cardiac event participate in a 6-8 week program of cardiac rehabilitation soon after they are discharged.

Cardihab’s digital cardiac rehab is delivered via the SmartCR smartphone app. Patients have the flexibility to complete the program at a place and a time that suits them and that fits with their lifestyle. In addition, patients are supported by a Registered Nurse at Latrobe Regional Health with a weekly one-to-one phone call.

The Healing the Past by Nurturing the Future Project

Melbourne University MRFF Funding

The Healing the Past by Nurturing the Future project is developing perinatal awareness, recognition, assessment and support strategies for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents experiencing complex childhood trauma. While there are no systemic perinatal strategies for supporting parents who may be experiencing complex childhood trauma, the frequent contacts with health care providers during pregnancy and the first two years after the baby’s birth offer a unique opportunity to support new parents on their healing journey, and interrupt the cycle of intergenerational trauma.

This project’s goal is to promote healing for the parent and prevent inter-generational transmission of trauma to the child. It will be undertaken in two phases, co-design and implementation.