Information for GPs

LRH's requirements for referrals and a list of our obstetricians

Referring a maternity patient

Download a referral form here. Please fax to the Gippsland Private Consulting Suites at LRH (03) 5173 8097 or call 5173 8111 to speak with a midwife or obstetrician.

Our Obstetricians

Dr Pamela Cardoza

Dr Tzipporah Ben Harim

Dr Waleed Ibraheem

Dr Genevieve Read

Women should be referred by the 12th week of pregnancy or earlier if high risk.

We require all pathology and ultrasounds to be attached to the referral.

Pathology required

Blood group and antibodies




Hepatitis B and C




Aneuploidy screening should be offered to all women. This includes the Combined First Trimester screening, or the Maternal serum Screening or the Non Invasive Pregnancy Test (NIPT – HARMONY or Generation)